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Initial Examination & Adjustment $150

Follow up Adjustments $125



Initial Examination & Adjustment $150

Follow up Adjustments $125


Initial Exam $175

Follow Up Adjustment $150


Initial Examination & Adjustment $275

Follow up Adjustments $250

TRAVEL FEES are based on the distance traveled as well as the number of animals being adjusted or examined.

Drs. McLeod & Pettid plan their days for geographic efficiency, sharing barn calls among as many owners as possible.

MO DVM SUPERVISION: The MO State Board of Veterinary Medicine requires that non-DVMs (regardless of training, credentialing and professional degrees) providing care of any kind to animals be under immediate and direct veterinary supervision.  Appointments can be coordinated with your treating DVM, or Drs. McLeod & Pettid can arrange to have a DVM accompany them for the purposes of supervision only. Fees vary per DVM. Arrangements will be made at the time of scheduling. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: Dr. McLeod and Dr. Pettid require a minimum of 24 hours notification to reschedule or cancel an appointment to avoid payment in full for the appointment. If your appointment time cannot be rebooked, and you have to pay for it, know that 100% of your payment goes directly into Dr. McLeod's African Mission fund, or will be gifted to a local equine or canine rescue. 

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