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All of our 'kids' get adjusted!

Where to begin? We have 7 dogs that are our children. We have two Great Pyrenees and 5 Border Collies. We first met Dr. Emily a few years ago. Sophie and Dudley the Pyrs are brother and sister. Dudley has had two TPLO surgeries on both knees and Sophie has a TPLO and then a surgery for a luxated patella. Unfortunately Sophie developed an infection in her TPLO and had to have it removed after 6 yrs. After a few months of the removal, she started limping on her leg again. At 8-9 yrs old, there was obviously nothing we could do surgically that was going to help her. We learned of Dr. Emily and we made an apt in hopes she could help Sophie. Results were amazing! Sophie stopped limping on her leg and was back to normal! We were surprised. Both my husband and I get chiropractic adjustments for ourselves, but we had never really considered the advantages of adjustments for our pets. That completely changed!

From that time on, I realized that taking a dog to visit Dr. Emily before we went to the vet was the smartest thing to do. Many times I have taken a dog to the vet only to be told and given medications that there was really nothing they could do but treat an issue with steroids, anti-inflammatories and pain meds.

There were several more visits to Dr. Emily from what we like to say “crash and burns” in the yard. Young dogs tripping up or slamming into older dogs. Unexpected falls from rough play times. We had Jake the Border Collie who was in his elder years and had issues with urinating in the house. She helped with keeping him comfortable and maintaining his dignity until it was time to say goodbye. Emily also helped with several of my other Border Collies for little things here and there.

Just recently, Dudley the pyr who is almost 12 yrs old now, got his head stuck under the dining room chair. He REALLY did a number on himself trying to get up and ended up with a horrible twist to his head and splayed out on his right leg. He was so bad, if any vet would have examined him they would have thought he had a stroke and suggested that we put him down. I pestered Dr. Emily (knowing how very busy she always is) helping other patients…but knew that she was our only hope for Dudley to get back to normal. The poor dog couldn’t get off the floor if he was lying down prone on his left side. It was HORRIBLE, we had to flip him over, hear him cry out in pain and then he could get up and take a few steps, then stop, take a few steps and stop. Dr. Emily got him into the clinic ASAP adjusted him; we also used her new laser therapy machine on him. Dudley was stiff and sore, but getting off the floor by himself later that day, from both sides. It was almost unbelievable unless you witnessed it yourself.

He went back a couple days later and was moving so much better he was off of the pain killers and anti-inflammatories and almost back to his normal self. I honestly can’t thank Dr. Emily enough for taking special time in her schedule to make sure that Dudley was taken care of. She went above and beyond the call of duty to help my fur baby.

For those people who are skeptics, you just need to call me and I will tell you that getting chiropractic and laser treatments for your pets when they are hurting is the best thing you can do for them to keep them moving comfortably and healthy. Dr. Emily McLeod is my doggie hero for always being there (IN A PINCH) when we need her to help one of our pets!

Keep up the good work Dr. Emily! We love you,

Jamie & Pete V

Sophie, Dudley, Zip, Moochie, Nelly, Jeep, & Camo…

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