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The 411 on How We Work!

Your team at All Creatures Chiropractic is completely remote and mobile. While we work in several clinics and make farm calls all over the greater KC area, we do not have one central hub where we gather.

Linda, our incredible scheduling wizard, works part time, answering messages daily, but she's not stationed at a desk or by the phone all day. When you text, email, and call, she responds as quickly as she can, but she does not keep "regular" 9-5 phone hours. If you reach out on the work line (Mon-Fri) and haven't heard back within 24 hours, please message again! We make every effort to double and triple check all forms of communication, but occasionally a message will slip by us. Dr. Emily and Dr. Stella peek in on messages as needed but spend their days lifting legs and adjusting spines! We all work very hard six days each week, fully taking Sundays off and away from the phones, ipads, and other devices. Thanks for adapting with us to a new, modern work era!

913.444.2633 text / call


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