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OTTB Is A Completely Different Horse!

Dr. Emily,

Wow o wow did I have a fabulous first ride back on Louie yesterday. While I kept it short and only walk/trot did he ever feel different. Thank goodness the trainer was there to see it, because I couldn't believe what I was feeling. He used to feel like 2 different horses when I switched directions, yesterday he felt sooo much better and collected - I think we were both suprised by it. I seriously didn't know how to hang my left leg to support his shoulder cuz I've always had to support his left hind, and yesterday that simply was not the case.....He, for the first time ever, collected himself and carried thru at the trot. I was amazed!! It took us a few 20m circles for me to learn to rebalance and support his shoulder on the outside of our circles, but it was the most beautiful ride I've ever had on him!!!! Oh my goodness, thank you a million times over for helping him!!! I love that horse more than anything, and he absolutely looooves to work. What you've done for him is irreplaceable, he was sooo happy yesterday and it seriously brought tears to my eyes. :)



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